Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday EngSoon

We celebrated ES birthday at Sun With Moon @ Central. It's my first time at this particular restuarant so I wasn't too sure what to expect.
We arrived a little after 7pm due to the heavy traffic at Central caused by the many activities being held there. I must say, the variety of food on the menu was rather limited. So I took the Unagi set & Daddy took the Salmon Terriyaki & Chicken set. We also ordered a Tonkatsu Toji for Baby G. Not much pictures as the lighting was quite low & my camera doesn't take well in low lighting (hmmm.. that reminds me, time to upgrade).
Here are some of the pics for that evening.
Kate was showing her sticker book from HKG Disney to us. Though she admitted she didn't quite like the climb of 200+ steps at Lantau Island.
Zac was a little cheeky boy that evening. He kept teasing me by touching my back and then pretended that he didn't. He drew on the paper napkins which I must say, looks really nice. He's got the arty juices in him. By the way, I found out he likes the Taiwan serial "爱" and both Chloe & me tried to get him to sing the song, but he was so shy about it. We must try again harder next time, Chloe.
This is little Ashley, the youngest in the dinner group. She gave me such a sweet smile that I couldn't resist taking this photo of her. I even asked her if she wanted to take a pic and she allowed me to take a 2nd shot of her with her daddy.
My 'new' friend for that night. Most of the time, little Gwyn doesn't give me the time of the day. But that night, I actually managed to play with her and sort of became my friend of the night. See, she even allowed me to snap a shot of her.
The one thing I forgot.... is to take a photo of the birthday boy... opppsss.... anyway, have a great birthday.
No more Sun with Moon.

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