Monday, September 13, 2010

Teachers' Day Outing

This post is kinda late seeing that I'm still writing about Teachers' Day. Well, not so much as writing about Teachers' Day but more like what we did on that day.

Daddy managed to take half a day off and we decided to have lunch at Mouth@Work (as they had a 1-for-1 offer). They serve fusion food, East meets West concept. Although most of the items had a more distinctive Eastern flavour.

We ordered the personal set (which was the 1-for-1 offer).

From the pics, you can tell that the food was mostly Eastern but the way they served it tend to be of more Western .. or at least, they were trying quite hard. Overall, the food was just so-so. Nothing really nice, except for the collagen soup which Baby G drank half of Daddy's share and 3/4 of mine. As if he needed the collagen boost, hpmmph...

==> Baby G enjoying the soup



Anonymous said...

Never too early to start the collagen booster!

Hot mama

Baby G's Mummy said...

But I need it more.... hahaha

susan said...

Oh I tried that place before. The items are quite good. I liked their baked egg yolk bao.