Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy (Belated) Birthday Uncle Ben

Usually Sat mornings are reserved for Baby G's morning lessons @ Punggol Plaza but today, being a public holiday, there were no classes hence we decided to go down IKEA for breakfast. Guess everyone had the same idea as us; the place was super-packed. We had to wait almost 20mins for a place and another 15-20mins for Daddy to order our food. After breakfast, we trooped down to Giant for our groceries. Another huge crowd greeted us, we had to navigate around the place to get our stuff. I decided that there were simply too many people and quickly finished off our groceries.
In the evening, we went to LingZhi Vegetarian restaurant to celebrate Uncle Ben's birthday, albeit belated. Here are some of the shots from the celebration.

Baby G was pretty friendly with Kate. We played 'scissors, paper, stone', he even helped to wipe Kate's nose as she was feeling under the weather.

Overheard during dinner :- We were telling Baby G not to climb up and down the chairs as Kate was following him up and down. He actually said "maybe because she likes me". HAHAHA.


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