Saturday, May 15, 2010

An 'Arty' Day

We arranged to meet up with ES & YP to go to the National Museum on Saturday. We met for lunch @ Kopitiam (Bras Basah outlet) before going to the SAM @ 8Q (A new extension of the Singapore Art Museum).

==> Walking towards SAM

The only 'free' exhibit was on the 1st floor. So we only spent about 20mins at that place before proceeding to the National Museum.

1st stop :-
Every year that we visit the museum, this wall will feature different themes. The 1st year we went to the Museum, the theme seemed to be 'Plastics in Orange/Yellow Hues'. The 2nd year, I don't know coz it was Daddy who brought Baby G (as I was working that weekend). And now, the theme is "Public Power : Public Secret by Twardzik Ching Chor Leng ".

==> Our first stop.

==> This was when he just turned 2

Our 2nd stop was at "The Imaginary Story Land by Tan Bee Aye". The items were all handmade by the artist & made up of mostly fabrics. She even had some costumes which the 2 kids tried it out. Don't you think they look cute? Hee Hee.

==> Our 2nd stop

Our 3rd stop was at "Cartoon Mural by Cartoonist Miel". The kids were given papers and pen down their creative ideas & paste them up on the wall. Here's Baby G writing his ABCs. Good effort on the 'A', 'B' & 'C', but forgot how to write his 'G'.

==> Our 3rd stop

Our 4th stop is "Stories Alive By The Party Room", the theme is "Exploring Africa" where kids were given tribal masks to colour. Here's Baby G hard at work on his mask.

==> Our 4th stop

Finally, we completed all the 'free' activities for the day. Here we are taking a short but important break.

Last but not least, coffee break time. We walked over to Dome for some afternoon snacks & drinks.

==> Baby G enjoying his hot chocolate

A cultural experience


Anonymous said...

Nice.... Prolly make a trip there too this weekend.

Hot mama

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, you should. The actual festival starts next week....
Baby G's Mummy