Saturday, May 15, 2010


We've been prepping him for this haircut for the past 2 weeks. We just kept reminding him that he needed to go to the barber's to cut his hair. Everytime we said this, he told "okay".

After lessons today, we brought him to the barber, which happens to be on the same floor. There was quite a crowd today but we only needed to wait for about 10mins before it was his turn. But the lady who happened to be free wasn't the one who cut his hair previously, so he didn't want and said he only wanted that 'che che' to cut his hair. So, we had to wait a bit more as she was still busy with another customer.

Finally, it was his turn. I reminded the lady not to use the shaver. Firstly, I gave him a packet of Wang Wang man-tou biscuits and told him he could only open it after the haircut. He held on to it and did not make a fuss when she put the overalls for him.

Throughout the entire haircut, the lady kept talking to him, praising him to keep him distracted. Although I believe it did work to a certain extent, I could tell he was feeling kinda scared. He din dare to move his head and had a very worried look. In less than 15mins, the haircut was over. A huge sigh of relief from him & ME.

PS : I told the lady to cut shorter than usual so that there's a longer time lag before the next haircut.
Proud of Baby G

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