Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding of KM & ZC

Baby G had a very important job to do on Sunday, 25th Oct. He was tasked to open the car door for the groom. Overall, I think he did a pretty good job although I helped.

Actually, on that morning, I was worried that he would be kinda cranky coz we had to reach there quite early and the night before we had a birthday celebration (see previous post). Surprisingly, he was really excited and super friendly. He posed and smiled everytime we asked him to.

He was so interested in the sistas tricking the brudders. He tried to get into all the action.

Not to mention, the super friendly poses & kisses to everyone.

Congrats to KM & ZC!



Hot Mama said...

Good job gabriel! He deserved a big ang pow!

Anonymous said...

The present's for him, the ang pow's for me coz I was the one who actually did most of the job... whahaha....
Baby G's Mummy