Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No School Day - 16th Oct

Today, Baby G doesn't need to go school, so I took the day off and called my family out for a family outing.
Initial plan was to have a quick lunch @ RTC and shopping @ Orchard, but plans have a way of changing whenever Baby G is around as he's the one who usually calls the shots. :)

After our lunch @ RTC, we brought Baby G to the bowling alley while me & YeeYee played some video games. Later Baby G spotted a flight simulator game and he was enthralled and we were stuck there for at least another 20 mins. We also played table soccer. Baby G, YeeYee & myself were on one team & Mama & Grandpa was on the other. Baby G & Mama took control of midfield positions while Grandpa & myself were in charge of the defense. YeeYee was in charge of attacking. Baby G scored 1 goal from his midfield position and Mama also scored a couple of goals. Top scorer was Mama with 3 goals (but 2 were own goals... haha).

In the end, we still dropped by Orchard as Mama has never been to ION since it opened.
What a fun day

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