Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kusu Island

Today we went down to Kusu Island. We took the ferry from Marina Barrage, can you imagine that the tickets cost $16 per person??!! Even Baby G's tix costs $12.

It was pretty hot when we reached there and Baby G suddenly developed a slight fever. We were a bit worried that the heat would make it worse, however, he seemed to be ok. He followed Daddy around, praying to the deities. After that he saw lots of turtles/terrapins/tortoises & was fascinated by them.
Later we climbed up a mini-hill via a long & winding staircase. Baby G actually climbed up all by himself and climbed back down. What a strong boy! Very proud of him. Actually when he reached the top of the hill, he exclaimed, "哇!累啊!累啊!". We had a good laugh at his expression.

Just as we reached the bottom of the hill, the weather suddenly changed from very hot to very windy. It started to get cold & showed signs of a soon-to-be heavy downpour. We rested for a short while & took the opportunity to take some photos.

a bit tanned from the trip


Anonymous said...

you pray to which God now?


Anonymous said...

Me? Not me, I simply follow them only.
Baby G's Mummy

RS Chairman said...

Had always wanted to visit Kusu.... Now I know the ticket price. Hope prices remain unchanged.