Monday, April 27, 2009

A Typical Day After Work

A typical day after work for me is to pick Baby G up from childcare and start preparing dinner.. or rather cook the rice & heat up the tingkat food.

While I'm busy with the 'cooking', Baby G will be amusing himself with his array of toys. You never know which of his toys he'll be wanting to play. Normally, I try not to switch on the TV to keep him occupied, so I let him run around the living room & play with his toys. Sometimes, while the rice is cooking & the food is warming up, I will peep to see what he's up to. There are times when he wants to help out in the kitchen so I have to give him simple chores to do, like take out the crockery or ask him to take down the clothes and keep them.

One of the days, he was searching the cabinets and found his old milk bottle (without the teats) and took it out to play. He was so quiet out in the living room that I got a bit concerned.. wondering what mischief he was up to... and this is what I found.

==> Baby G feeding one of his friends.

He was looking after his friends; fed them milk, burped them and asked them if they were full and put them to sleep. Hahaha... what a sight. He took care of all his 4 friends... of course, the most TLC went to his favourite... Froggie....

==> Giving extra TLC to his favourite... froggie....



Hot Mama said...

He is into role-playing.. so cute. And i cant help but to agree, Reia and Gabriel have the same rebonding hairstyle. fwahaha

Anonymous said...

I just cut his hair over the weekend. So now, the style is a short bob look... whahahaha
Baby G's Mummy