Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hot... Hot... Hot....

The whole of Friday, Baby G's fever hit a high of 39.5deg. Really got me worried, but decided to give it another day before resorting to taking him to the hospital to find out what's wrong.

His whole body was so hot to the touch. Even sponging him didn't help much. And the worst part is he refused his medication. In the end, towards the evening, I "negotiated" with him; he take his medicine and I bring him down to the playground. Even the negotiations itself took at least half an hour to settle.

Finally he went to sleep and I had time to have my dinner. I had a visit from ShuShu, GuGu & YeePo. They knew I was alone so came over to accompany me & see if I needed help while Daddy was busy at work due to some systems cut-over. They stayed with me until Daddy got home which was around 230am.

At 6am, Baby G got up and asked for his milk. So I groggily woke up and made his milk. Needless to say, my head was spinning and simply couldn't keep my eyes open. I didn't even remember to check his temperature at that point in time.

I guess Baby G had enough sleep and was very chatty in the morning, wanted to watch TV together with me. I just accompanied him but fell alseep on the couch. I could hear Baby G talking to me, but I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or he was really talking. At one point, I think he got fed up and shouted his question at me. Hahahaha.....

Finally it dawned on me that he seemed quite well and not so tired as previous days. So I got up and took his temperature and was glad that it was normal. I kept praying that it would stay normal the whole day. My prayers were answered and for the whole of Sat, he was fever-free and full of conversations. He seemed to have so many things to say to me. I only got some rest when Mama came over to play with him. But in the end, both Mama and Baby G fell asleep too.

The past few days, looking after & worrying about Baby G, I realised I actually lost about 1kg. Although I like my new weight, but what a way to lose it. Sigh....

Glad Baby G is recovering


viv said...

aiyo seems like many kids are down!!take care & send our love to baby G

Anonymous said...

hum...too much food outside?


Anonymous said...

Viv: Thanks for the concern.
TY : Nope.. I doubt so.
Baby G's Mummy