Thursday, April 16, 2009

Throat Infection... Not HFMD..... Phew!

Baby G was down with super high fever... temp hovering around mid 38-39degs. On Wed, teacher called me to say that Baby G had a temp of 39deg and wanted us to bring him home, so I flew down in a cab to pick him from school. In the cab, I kept praying that it's not the return of the dreaded HFMD.

I brought him home and immediately gave him the Ibuprofen to quickly bring down the temp. Luckily he didn't resist the medication. I pat him to sleep and he slept for almost 4hrs, waking up only in the evening coz he wet the bed (the pampers overflowed).

He took some porridge and I thought since his appetite is back, he should be on the road of recovery. The next morning, his temp was back to normal but Daddy decided to keep him away from school for 1 more day to rest, so off we sent him to my mum's place.

I kept calling back to my mum to check on his status and I was told that his temp was pretty erratic... sometimes up and sometimes down. When I reached home in the evening, his temp shoot up to 39deg again, so immediately brought him to the doctor. Due to his high temp, we didn't have to wait for our turn and was sent in quickly.

Initially Baby G was pretty cooperative but the moment he saw the 'ice cream stick', he shut his mouth and refused to let the doc check his throat. In the end, I had to hold on to his legs & the nurse held to his head and the doc forced open his mouth to check. Baby G gagged a few times and then cried. The good news is that the doc doesn't think it's HFMD and more likely to be a throat infection. I heaved a sigh of relief. But the worst is not over for Baby G.. doc said he needs to bring down the fever quickly, so he said he needs to insert the pill into Baby G's buttocks. Oh my, Baby G hated it (who wouldn't) and cried so pitifully. Finally, it's over and Baby G got a sticker for all his efforts.. actually I think he deserved more stickers for being such a brave boy!

Went to collect his medication while his Mama, YeeYee & Grandpa pamper & sayang him.

Looks like it's going to be a long night for me...

Please let Baby G get well soon.

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