Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pink Birthday Party

Today, Baby G was invited to a 1st birthday party of Mummy's friend's princess. But before we attended the party, Baby G received gifts from MaMa & GongGong in the early morning.
MaMa bought Baby G a Barney bag for his school. He was so excited about it. When GongGong also gave him a helicopter, he was still more interested in the bag and ignored GongGong.
As the party started at 6pm, Daddy decided to take a nap first seeing that it was still early so Baby G and myself amused ourselves with his toys and taking photos with his Froggie.

Here are some various shots of Baby G posing with and without Froggie....

Finally it was time to leave for the party, Baby G was so excited to go out. He kept hurrying Daddy to be quick, kept saying "Daddy, kai kai".
At auntie Ro's place, the first person we saw was Mummy's friend, auntie HPH. Baby G was very shy and didn't want to say "hi" or even look at them. It took him some time to start to warm up. When the cake came out, he was so enthralled by it. I think he hasn't seen a 3-tiered totally pink cake before.
Baby G also enjoyed all the toys that auntie Ro had. He didn't even want to leave the place, we had to bribe him with milk before he even showed any signs of wanting to leave. But before he left, he actually picked up all the balls and kept them in the big 'tub'. Auntie Ro, next time you need someone to clean up the place for u..... u know who to call. hahaha.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday little Reia
hugs & kisses


陈芮雅 said...

Gabriel such a good boy.... hope he enjoyed himself that day :)

hot mama

Anonymous said...

Yes, he definitely did... to the extent of not wanting to go home...haha... maybe I should consider leaving him at ur place with all the wonderful toys so that he can play to his heart's content....
Gabriel's Mummy