Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hong Kong - Day 8

It is finally the last day of our holiday.  So not willing to go back to realities of work.  We packed our things in preparation for check-out.  But first, we need to settle our breakfast.

We crossed over to the Tsui Wah restaurant for a typical Hong Kong breakfast set which usually consisted of a sandwich and marcaroni.  We ordered another plate of noodles too.
After our breakfast, we checked out of our hotel.  Thanks Eaton Smart for the hospitality.  Before we left, we took a few more pictures of the place.  I am sure Baby G will miss the Bubble lift of the hotel most.  Everytime we went up and down the lift, he would say the same thing "Get ready to open my parachute and parachute down".

We decided to take a taxi to the airport since we were carrying quite a number of lugguges.  The ride was smooth and the weather was sunny.  How I wished we were actually arriving into Hong Kong as opposed to departing from Hong Kong.  Felt a little sad to be ending the holiday.

As we were early, we walked around the airport and did some last minute shopping.

Alex also wanted to buy some egg tarts for his brother.  At first, couldn't find any shop that sold them.  Luckily we found this shop.  The egg tarts were freshly made.  Smells good.

The food on this flight didn't seem as nice as the one that we arrived in.  But still acceptable, although I didn't really finish everything they gave.

When we touched down, we were busy taking our stuff that I forgot to get the egg tarts and we only realised it when we exited hte gates.  Alex tried his luck to go back in again onto the plane to get it but it was already gone.  What a pity.

And here is our loot from Hong Kong....
Til the next holiday...


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