Monday, September 17, 2012

Hong Kong - Day 6

When in Hong Kong, must eat dim sum.. so we went to a restuarant near our hotel that we happened to see everytime we walked from the MTR to our hotel.  The ambience reminded me a little of Red Star Restaurant, although over here, it seems more lively than noisy at Red Star.  While waiting for our porridge, Baby G practised his chopstick handling skills (or lack thereof).

Daddy reading the newspapers provided by the hotel while I happily snapped away.  We ordered the usual fare and I must say, again, very delicious and so fresh.
After our breakfast, we went back to the hotel for a short rest again because the skies started to rain again.  Baby G was very happy to be back in the hotel as this simply means either playing on the tablet or watching his cartoons.  While waiting for the rains to slow down, both of us actually fell asleep and Baby G quietly watching his show.
After our unexpected nap, we decided to make our way to Sai Kung.  There was still a drizzle as we took the MTR to Choi Hung station.  But once we emerged from the station, the rains came down hard.  We were in two minds whether to continue on or turn back.  Daddy decided to plough ahead.  We quickly made our way to the minibus stand to wait for our bus.  After so many times visiting Hong Kong, this is the first time we actually took a minibus.  A novel experience for us all.
As we reach Sai Kung, the atmosphere was pretty laid back.  It felt like the calm after a storm.  It was quiet with a few fishermen selling their catch to some of the restaurant staff.  Baby G was very fascinated at how they cleaned the fish and sold it to the customers.  He simply stood there for the longest time, observing everything that the fishermen did.

As we walked further along the cobbled pathway, rows of seafood restaurants greeted us.  There was a little bit of touting going on but we just ignored them as we already knew where we were headed for our lunch.


Along the way, we saw lots of uprooted trees that have been properly barricaded for safety reasons.  Just a grim reminder of the strength of the typhoon that hit Hong Kong just a few days back. 

The place where we had our lunch was Chuen Kee, which was given rave reviews from food websites and even friends.  There were so many varieties, we simply were stumped and didn't know where to start.
In the end, we opted for a fresh steam fish, prawns and my all-time favourite.... clams.  Baby G was quite excited to see them scoop the fish up using the net.

After the lunch were served to us, we ordered rice and it was lip-smacking good food all the way.  Me and Baby G were in constant contention for the clams.  It was really the best seafood lunch I ever had.  Not to mention, the cooling breeze and beautiful view, simply heaven.

After lunch, we continued walking along the jetty to take in the sights.  Again, we found a group of fishermen sorting the fishes that they caught and Baby G became enthralled once again.

There was a mobile ice cream truck that played those kiddy music.  We decided to get a cone for our desserts.  First time tasting Honey Dew Mr Softee, I must say, it was pretty refreshing.


After the visit to Sai Kung, off to Causeway Bay for dinner with TianYen.  He brought us to eat goose.  Initially, Baby G was a little shy around him, but after a while, he started to open up and chatted with him non-stop.  TianYen became Baby G's best friend for the rest of the evening.

After dinner, TianYen wanted to bring us to a desserts place but I guessed it was closed down as we couldn't find it at its usual place.  So in the end, we went back to Lucky Desserts.

And there ends our day.  Thank you to TianYen for the dinner treat and the most wonderful dinner company.

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