Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hong Kong - Day 5

Day 5 in Hong Kong started early as we wanted to have our Dim Sum breakfast recommended by Gu Gu.  It is located at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.  We took the MTR down instead of the ferry.  The early morning feel was refreshing and invigorating.  There was a light drizzle outside but still it was much better than the heavy rains we experienced in the earlier days.

As always, the Hong Kong skyline never fails to amaze me.  Just like how it looks with the buildings in front and the mountains behind them.

I got a kind of nostalgic feel when I entered the restaurant with it's trolleys of dim sum as it brought me back to the days when my parents would bring me to the Neptune Restuarant to have dim sum.  Although Serenade was much brighter and smaller than Neptune, it just brought me back in time for that moment.

Serenade has a rather classy feel to eating dim sum.  The place wasn't that noisy and it was naturally bright with the full length windows. And now the food.  As there was only the 3 of us, we didn't really order a lot.  So we made the usual dim sum selections like Char Siew Buns, Siew Mai, Carrot Cake, Century Egg Porridge, Dumpling Soup and their more creative varieties like the one that looks like a fish, although I didn't really know what it was.  Come to think of it, it does sounds a lot.  Haha.


 After our sumptuous morning meal, we walked along the river to enjoy the scenary and walk off some of the food we ate.  As we walked, a drizzle started but we ignored it and continued on.  Suddenly, we heard the sounds of sirens and saw a fire engine arriving.  Baby G was so enthralled with the fire engine that we had to back track just to see it again.

Just couldn't resist taking this shot.

After our slow stroll, we reached the Star Ferry as we wanted to cross over to the main Hong Kong island.

Baby G started to be more excited when we reached the main gate to board the ferry.

After reaching Central, we had to take a bus to the Peak Tram.
Here are some of the pictures of the Peak Tram.  Enjoy.


Time for lunch.  We decided to try the Mak's Noodles (considered quite famous but expensive).  Why expensive?  Because one bowl is not enough.  We decided to just go with one bowl each.

All I can say is I enjoyed it thoroughly albiet the portion was rather small.  The noodles is really Q-Q.  Don't eat this if you are starving though.

After lunch, more walking and also, more rain.  Couldn't take nice shots of the wonderful scene in front of us.

After our Peak Tram adventure, next is the Ding Ding Tram.  By then, Baby G was pretty tired as we did set out early in the morning.  But he gamely followed us just to experience the Ding Ding tram.
Once he got onto the tram, he became a bit more lively.  As the tram slowly moved along at a leisurely pace, Baby G actually fell alseep.

We had to wake him up just for a while as the exits were quite narrow for me to carry him down.

He asked to be carried and we obliged.  But after a while of carrying him, we decided to rest our feet and replenish our energy at the UCC Cafe.  At the same time, Baby G could sleep comfortably and we could relax too.

We ordered their set which is some kind of waffle with bananas and cream.  A little sinful on the cream but what the heck, I am on holiday.

After our break, time for more shopping... actually more of window shopping.  Nothing really caught my eye.  We also walked along Lee Theatre & Jardine's Crescent but again, because of the rain, most of the street side stalls were not opened.  In the end, we decided to go look for our dinner.  Dinner was a supposedly famous noodles store.  With our trusty map in hand, we still got lost.... hahaha.... we walked and walked and in the end, had to U-turn back again after we started to drift into parts unknown.  The streets became more dark and looked less friendly.  So we backed-tracked and finally managed to find the store.  I must commend Baby G who walked all the way with us and never complained once about the extremely long walk.  And here we are, our dinner.  I would say it was pretty worth the long walk, or perhaps we were over hungry already.  The warm soup against the cold weather was a perfect combination for our tummies.

After dinner, back to more shopping.  This time at a more classier location of Times Square.

Desserts next.  The famous Lucky Desserts.  Actually by then, I was pretty full already and didn't really feel like eating much.  So in the end, just opted for the Mango Sago.

Some of the shopping that we did.  Managed to get a pair of Army pants for Baby G.  He was really happy with his choice.

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RS Chairman said...

Wow...u really covered quite a wide area in one day. And tasted nice local street foods.