Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gabriel's Best Friend

Today's blog is dedicated to his best friend.

Who is Baby G's best friend? It is not a someone, but actually a 'something'. It is none other than Froggie (or Froggy)..

Froggie came to us when Baby G was literally still a baby. It was a gift from one of Ah Ma's friend; I still remember it was given to him when we were down in Tiong Bahru for breakfast. It came wrapped in a Takashimaya wrapper. Initially Baby G didn't really take to Froggie. He also had other soft toys that accompanied him on his bed & during play. I didn't really notice when was the exact moment that Froggie actually became a part of Baby G's life and ours too.

Froggie would 'follow' Baby G just before his bath. He will be placed just outside the bathroom and will be collected once Baby G finishes his bath.

What Baby G wears, Froggie also wears the same.

Froggie accompanies Baby G during play time. He simply sits there quietly with Baby G. Sometimes, Baby G will talk to him and 'look after' him. When he's playing with the cooking toys, he'll cook for Froggie to eat too.

When Baby G is sick, Froggie will also be there for him.

Froggie is always with Baby G when he is sleeping. Just before bed, he will make sure Froggie is around, else we have to find him. Froggie also travels with us on holidays, in fact, this is the only occasion that Froggie is allowed out of the house. We do not allow Froggie out of our house cause we are worried that once Froggie gets lost outside, he is irreplaceable. He's not like Mickey Mouse or Barney or those famous soft toys that are easily found in any shopping centre. Once Froggie is gone, I will never ever be able to replace him.

Now that Baby G is much older, Froggie still remains a part of his life. Although he knows that Froggie is not real, he still treats him like a good friend. Froggie still sleeps with Baby G and goes on holidays with us.

One thing Baby G doesn't like is when we wash Froggie. Baby G says that the smell is not the same or that the feel is different but no choice, Froggie has to be washed. The entire day after Froggie is washed, he'll just be complaining & nagging at us. After that, it's back to normal.

Baby G also has, a few times, requested for Froggie to be brought to school to accompany him during his nap time. He's promised me that he'll not touch Froggie except during nap. I have remained steadfast & resisted all of his begging & cajoling. Think he has more or less accepted it. However, on rare occasions, he'll tell me that his school friend's mother allows his friend to bring a soft toy. Although he doesn't specifically asks for Froggie, I know when he's trying to hint to me. I just ignore the hint. Haha.

Just wondering when he'll ever outgrow Froggie.... til then, Froggie will always be an extended part of the family.....


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