Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Birthday Celebrations - Day 1
Baby G's birthday celebrations began very early. In fact, it started on Friday itself when he went to Sentosa's Underwater world for his school excursion. He only got back around 3pm. He was pleasantly surprised when I went over around 4pm to pick him up. He was still in the midst of having his afternoon snacks when he saw me. I told him to finish his snacks while I waited outside. I could even hear him telling his friends that his mummy is here to pick him up. While on the way back, he couldn't stop talking about his trip to the Underwater World. He talked about the fishes he saw, the stingray and the 'aeroplane' fish (can't figure what fish that was).

In the evening when Daddy returned home, we decided to go down to VivoCity to pick up our fan from Best Denki as the one in my room has finally konked out. Baby G was very excited to be able to go out again. After getting our fan, we walked around a little and finally had stopped at Swensons for his 'free' ice-cream with the Swensons' Kid Card. We thought we could have desserts but he actually ordered the Kids' meal cause he told us he was still hungry. I think he just wanted a chop on his card. Hahaha.

Birthday Celebrations - Day 2
On Saturday, we went to his 'I Can Read' classes earlier than usual as we wanted to catch the KungFu Panda II movie in the evening (courtesy of Daddy's company's free tickets). He was very excited and even told his teacher our plans for the evening.

The movie ended around 730pm and we wanted to have pasta for dinner, but can't seem to find anything suitable at Suntec. In the end, we walked all the way to Millenia and settled on Bab Noodle.

Birthday Celebrations - Day 3 (Actual day)
In the morning, we set out early to catch the RSAF Open House. Too many pics from there to post here so will do so via FB instead.

For his actual birthday party, we decided to have a BBQ at our block downstairs. It was generally a family affair.

This year, we asked him to select the cake he wanted and he chose Mickey with the aeroplane picture on top.

Besides enjoying putting the candles on and blowing them out, he especially loved opening all of his presents... and boy, there were so many of them, courtesy from all the family members.

Happy Birthday my darling boy.....


ps. He made me a promise that once he turns 5, he'll no longer drink from the milk bottle. I must say, so far, he's kept his promise to me.


Anonymous said...

He must be over the sky :) Happy birthday once again

hot mama

Anonymous said...

He still hasn't played with all of them yet.
Baby G's Mummy

Nashmiya and Hiba said...

tooooooooooo nice
and cute blog