Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Ma-ma

It was Ma-ma's birthday on Friday. She has always liked to eat Chilli crabs so this time, we brought her to East Coast Seafood Centre. We didn't know which one to choose so I went to the HungryGoWhere website to look around. Found this restaurant called "Seafood Village" which looked like they serve interesting dishes. I called to make reservations and was told that they changed their name to 'King Crab', didn't think much of it since I thought it was only a name change.

When we actually reached there, the place was totally empty except for 2 tables filled. And it was sandwiched between 2 restaurants that were packed with food. It felt a little ominous & I was wondering if we selected the wrong place. Anyway, we proceeded to order our dishes. Had to say that the selections were quite limited.

Well, as there were so few people, our food came really fast. Service was definitely prompt. Just beside us at Long Beach, you can see lots of people with their hands up, trying to get the attention of the servers to attend to them.

Their signature dish (according to them) was the Roast Pork. I must say, it is really nice. Tender meat & crispy skin. The meat kinda has a 'melt-in-your-mouth' texture, coupled with the crunchy skin. The chilli crab sauce was very thick but it was a tad too sweet and not spicy enough. The crab itself was delicious, the meat was easy to extract from the shell. The crispy chicken was surprisingly good. I expected it to be dry as most crispy chicken are, but it wasn't. Alex liked the fried rice & Sheng Mian. The only disappointing dish was the 'Sotong With Salted Egg Yolk". Couldn't really taste any sotong and felt more like those normal fried prawn stuff.

After dinner, we took a short stroll along the beach. Though it was pretty humid and not as windy as expected. We then went back to my place for the usual 'happy birthday' cake celebration.

Happy Birthday, Ma-ma


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