Sunday, August 14, 2011

SAM - Singapore Art Museum

It was a trip down to SAM (aka Singapore Art Museum) to take advantage of the free entry during the month of August. This will be Baby G's 2nd trip; the 1st one was in July when he went with his schoolmates. It will be our first trip, so actually Baby G knew the place better than we did. Although the main entrance was free, the one to the Children's Art Garden wasn't; $5 per adult.

The 1st stop was a place called "Fruits - Wit Pimkanchanapong". All the fruits you see here are made from paper and glue. They look pretty realistic. Each ticket entitled us to one fruit that we had to fold it ourselves. Baby G choose pear & mangosteen as they ran out of apples and bananas. Glue was provided & we went to the Glass Room to try out our paper-folding skills.

In the end, I was the one who painstakingly folded & glued every little piece to come out with my mangosteen.
Mummy :- This is hard.
Baby G :- Mummy, you're lucky I chose a simple one for you.
Mummy :- Faint.....

After a while, Baby G got tired with the colouring, complaining his hands were tired (to be expected). He then went on to play with the train tracks on the other side of the table, leaving me to work on my mangosteen.

Soon he got tired and decided to try his hand at the giant puzzle pieces. Daddy accompanied him while I continued with my mangosteen.

Finally, after almost an hour, I completed my mangosteen...... phew!

The next stop was 'Tree of Love - Ben Puah". Here, the children were given markers to simply scribble or doodle to their hearts' desires. Me & Baby G left our names somewhere along one of the branches.

We then ambled along to the "Elephant Sitting & Elephant At Rest - Elephant Parade Singapore 2011" exhibition. Here, Baby G was given some stickers to stick onto the 2 elephants. But he only chose to use one sticker on one of the elephant and decided to keep the other 2 stickers for the home. *tsk tsk tsk*

As it was still early for the train workshop, we walked to the modern art exhibition... Baby G was very bored and couldn't wait to move on to the other exhibitions. Kept complaining that there was nothing to see.....

The "Mummy Dearest - Justin Lee" exhibit.

"Go - Twardzik Ching Chor Leng". Baby G enjoyed this very much.

Finally, the hour that Baby G was waiting for : the chance to start bulding his tracks. The workshop only allowed 10 children per session. We had to wait almost 2hrs for the 130pm slot to start. You can see him sitting patiently, in fact, he was the first one in and sat there waiting for them to start. After a few words of instructions from the staff, off they go......

And... to end it all, we must take a photo of the famous rabbit that marks the Children's Art.....

See you again next year....


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Looks so fun.. That rabbit just beside my ofc *wink*