Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dinner @ Swee Choon

Dinner on Saturday night was one full of surprises & the unexpected.
We left our house, planning to go Dempsey Hill for dinner @ Dome. We travelled along CTE and it was jam packed with cars, it took us half an hour to make a exit & when we did, Daddy realised he took a wrong turn. So somehow, we ended up near Aljunied area. As it was aleady slightly past 7pm, we decided to abandon our plans for Dempsey.
Since we were close to Geylang, we decided to go for the 'Dou Jiang' instead. We reached the place close to 745pm, by then, I was super hungry. We still had to queue up before we could get some seats. While queuing, the lady told us to order first. When we looked at the menu, no 'you tiao', only 'dou jiang' & the rest of the food items were mainly of the dim sum nature. No choice, we just ordered our food.
When the food came, to our surprise, it was really delicious. We had the feeling like we were im those HKG restaurants. Food was yummy.
L->R : Fried Doufu, Pancake with prok floss & omelette, Xiao Long Bao, Zha Jiang La Main & Carrot Cake
We ordered Century Egg porridge for Baby G. He loved his porridge, even told us one bowl was not enough. He demolished the entire bowl, although he didn't quite like the century egg itself. He slurped down to the last drop.
We finished everything we ordered and even 'ta bao' 3 portuguese egg tarts for next day's breakfast.

Our original plan was to go shopping after our dinner, but it was too late to drive down Orchard, so we went to the nearby City Square Mall to look for my pair of shoes that broke 2 weeks back. Finally found my pair of shoes @ Metro, woo hoo... only $18.90.. cheap cheap.

After all the 'walking', Daddy decided for some desserts which he & Baby G shared so lovingly....

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