Thursday, March 31, 2011


Got a call from the school today while I was at work. Everytime I see the Caller ID showing his school number, I always have a feeling that he was probably up to some mischief & that the teachers were calling me to tell me about it.

This time though, the call was from "W" 老师 who told me that Baby G was bitten by his classmate, "A". She explained the entire story to me on how it all happened..... but here is Baby G's version....

When I saw him.....
Baby G :- Mummy, mummy, "A" bit me today.

Me :- Oh dear, what happened?

Baby G :- "W" 老师 asked me to look after the (white)board when she went to take her 故事书.
Then the marker dropped on the floor and "A" picked it up. I wanted to give the marker to "W" 老师 but "A" didn't want to give it to me and used the marker to write on the (white)board.

(.....Accurate so far...... teacher said he was assigned to be the class monitor while she went to get some books)

Me :- And then what happened?

Baby G :- I took the marker from "A" and he bit me on the face. It's so painful. I wasn't fast to
push him away.

(... I have always told him if anyone wants to hit him, he should run away towards the teacher and tell her......)

Me :- Let me see where he bit you.

Baby G :- Over here, mummy. "W" 老师 put some cream for me. All the teachers said "A" is
very naughty and no one loves him.
Daddy :- Did he say 'sorry' to you?

Baby G :- Yes, he did. He even went to Miss "T" (principle's) office.

Me :- I think you're a good boy cause you told your teacher and did not bite back.

Baby G :- Yes, aren't I good? Do you know that "A" daddy *makes sound of camera* of my face?

(.....Baby G doesn't say "take picture" but he makes the sound of the camera instead.....)

Here you can tell that "A" took a big chunk of his skin......

As long as it doesn't leave any scarring, I'm not worried.

Poor boy


Desiree said...

Was he just bitten recently??? Poor boy...

Hot Mama said...

Gosh.... Must be painful

Susan said...

Gabriel did the right thing by not being a bully. Mummy taught him well :) Hope the bite fades soon