Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rabbit

Reunion Dinner
We started our reunion dinner at Grandpa's & Ma-ma's house. We had our usual chicken curry & crab meat balls. Forgot to whip out the camera for this as I wasn't feeling too happy with Baby G for not wanting to join us at the table for the traditional dinner.

After Round 1, off we went for Round 2 at Ah-Gong's & Ah-Ma's place for the yearly steamboat affair. This time, it was Daddy who remembered to take out the camera for some shots.

Before our dinner commenced, we must have our 'Yu Sheng'.

We even brought a new set of PJs for Baby G to change into. He was pretty excited to wear the new 'sleeping 衣服'.

First Day of New Year
For the 1st day of new year, all of us looking forward to our ang pows.

Next, we went to the temple to pick Ah Ma up before going back to Ah-Ma's place to convene. Our first stop is Bright Hill temple to pay our respects to Baby G's great grandparents. This year was his first year visiting them as previously, Baby G was deemed too young to understand what was going on.

Next stop, another temple near Kembangan area where we break for some vegetarian beehoon.

Final stop was at Daddy's cousin's house. We would have steamboat, MJ session, watching shows & generally, a get-together of families.

Keeping all of Baby G's ang pows.... kekekeke

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