Sunday, January 9, 2011

Outing @ VivoCity

As Daddy had to work on Sunday, we decided to spend Saturday together. Firstly, we went down to Punggol Plaza to pass some stuff to Auntie Ro and have our breakfast there. It's been a while since we ate there, especially now that Baby G is no longer taking classes from Shekinah. As usual, Baby G had his prata breakfast, while I had my vegetarian noodles & Daddy had dim sum. Baby G actually ate both pratas, only giving me and Daddy one bite each to 'try out'.

After breakfast, we also decided to let Baby G have his hair cut @ the barber's in PP. He only allows that particular auntie to cut his hair and even then, he doesn't like to use the shaver. Only scissors are allowed to touch his hair. By the time we finished, it was almost near noon.
We then went down to Chinatown to stock up on some toiletries @ Swanston. It's been a while since we dropped by and we were quite surprised by how big it has expanded. It's almost comparable to a supermarket. They even started to sell household items like the MagicClean wipes, floor detergent, etc. We spent more than $100 there. Phew. Now we need to find place to keep all the stuff we bought.
Lunch was our favourite Ngoh Hiang store, but I think we won't be going there anytime soon. The prices they charged were really quite high. Just us, we spent $15 which is unsually high as our average was less than $10.
After our lunch, we went down to VivoCity as we wanted to let Baby G play at the water park. We did some shopping as Daddy wanted to buy a pair of slippers. Although, end up, we didn't manage to find any that he liked.
==> Mummy was in the ladies
When we reached the place, almost 3/4 of it was under renovations. Baby G was super disappointed. Luckily, there was still a small area that allowed kids to wade & play with water. In the end, he had to settle for that. But I think he still enjoyed himself, although he was so particular about not getting his pants wet even though I already told him I brought extra 衣服 for him. (This time, we were well prepared with extra set of clothes & towel)
After changing, we went down to Carl's Junior for some snacks & rest.
Round 2 for Baby G was at the playground. Again, he played and didn't want to go home, even though, earlier on when we were shopping, he complained he was tired & sleepy.
After the playground, we stopped by Giant for some groceries. This time, Baby G was really tired and actually fell asleep in the trolley. First time, we managed to shop super efficiently as he wasn't awake to disturb us & insist on 'scanning' every item we bought into the trolley.
As he was still sleeping, we decided to 'ta-bao' our dinner. We chose the Punggol Nasi Lemak near Kovan. It was a long queue & I queued for almost 30mins. By the time, we reached home, it was almost 8pm. Me & Baby G shared a packet. He liked the fried chicken wings & would've finished it, but I suspect he was really too tired to eat much.
We watched some cartoons before calling it a day.


Desiree said...

Baby G looks so "sexy" with his pants rolled up.... Haha

From YeeYee

Anonymous said...

Actually, he sometimes looks like a girl....
Baby G Mummy