Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Baby G has been down with high fever since Tuesday night. Really don't know what happened or what could have caused it. The fever raged on and on, hovering at 38deg. Even with paracetemol or ibuprofen also couldn't keep it down.

The last straw was when his temp hit 40.2deg on Sat evening. We decided to go down to KK Children's Emergency Ward. The registration process was pretty efficient. After taking the queue number, we were the next persons to be called. The usual questions were asked and recorded into the system. We were then asked to pay the $85 consultation fees. We were provided with a dish of cold water & paper towel to place on his forehead & neck to keep the temp under control, then off we went to the waiting area.
The waiting area was pretty noisy. Actually it is to be expected since it's meant for the children, but surprisingly, the noise contributors were the parents themselves. As I looked around, at least 60% of the children were there for the same reasons as we were as most had patches on the forehead and also carrying the same dish of water that we had. Our waiting time was about 20mins, pretty fast considering that there were so many people there.
We went to room 17 & served by a female doctor. She told us it's better to get a blood test and at the same time as she felt Baby G's tummy, she said he seems constipated too. So she also asked us if we wanted to give him something so that he could poo. Since the test results will only be out about 45mins later, we decided to let him poo.
We took the blood test first. It was a small prick of the finger and the blood came oozing out. I am sure Baby G felt something but I think he was taken offguard that he didn't know how to react. You could see the stunned & confused look on his face though. But I must say, he didn't cry at all nor make any noise. He could still talk to the nurse and could name her his school friends. Both Daddy & myself were so proud of him. Next, the medication to make him poo.....
To make him poo, the nurse had to squirt some liquid into his 'u-know-where'. Intially, he was told to lie down and here he is, kinda relaxed. Then he was made to turn around and face the wall. He started to get nervous. I hugged him and made him lie on his side. Then it happened. This time he cried. He told me it was painful. The only thing I could do was to comfort him. We went out to the waiting area again. Less than 10mins, he peed in his pants and said he needed to go toilet. Daddy took him to the toilet. Guess the medication was just too effective, he couldn't really control and pooed a little in his pants.
After the poo, we waited a while longer and soon were called back into room 17 for the results. Good news, apparently the results is negative and the doctor could only say it is a viral infection and to continue to monitor another 4 days. We left KK slightly past midnight.
Both Daddy & me were also feeling hungry so we stopped by Balastier to buy some supper home. By then, Baby G was fast asleep in the car and his fever was down a few notches. We thought we could rest, but at 2am, his fever started to climb so had to wake him up and give him the meds again.
The whole of Sunday, his fever still stayed in the 38deg region. While updating the blog, I could hear him suddenly say 'oh oh'. And that can only mean one thing, he must have wet the bed. True enough, not only was the bed wet, he also pooed in his pants. We cleaned him up & our bed. He also managed to poo a 2nd time, this time in the proper place.
He's now asleep again, hopefully he can get a good sleep.
Praying hard the fever will go away.

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