Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie Pat

Today, we celebrated Auntie Pat's birthday, although Baby G was more interested to know if gor-gor Zac would be going. As gor-gor Zac had lessons today, I explained to Baby G that he would not be there but there would lots of other friends to play with.
High-tea was at 10 @ Claymore (Pan Pac Orchard). It felt more like a lunch buffet than high tea cause of the early timing of 1pm-3pm. Food was usual but company was wonderful. Baby G wanted some pasta which they didn't serve, so he settled for pizza and cheese & crackers. I also gave him some gummy bears as a treat.

After hi-tea, we walked over to Forum for some shopping. In the end, we decided to pop over to Ben & Pat's place for MJ (something which we haven't played for the longest time).
I didn't bring any extra clothes for Baby G and had to borrow from one of the girls. Hmmm, perhaps I should buy more sleeveless t-shirts? What do you think? Kekekeke. In the end, when we wanted to go home, he actually didn't want to change back to his own clothing and said he liked wearing the shirt. Goodness me!
First thing when he went to the playroom, he saw the kitchen set and promptly wanted to play with it. We played make-believe where both Baby G & che-che Chloe opened a restaurant & I was their one and only customer. It was a pretty decent restaurant with cash registers, kitchen, sink and a wide selection of foods for me to choose from. They even pretended to close the restuarant 'at night' to get some rest.
==> 'Resting' after a hard day's work
After playing for a while, the rest of the little ones started to stream in. Here's Kate making a phone call out to 'order' pizza from the 'restaurant'. After a while, Kate found a toy golf club & started hitting the balls. A Michelle Wie in the making?
End of the day, we took a group photo but it's not with my camera. If I get it, will post it here.

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