Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zion Concert 2009

It's Baby G's first school concert. It also marks his very first 'public' performance.

Actually, I was more worried about it than he was. Why? Because every other day, his teachers would be complaining to me that he doesn't join in the practices. They told me he's always running around and playing with the other kids and sometimes even causing the rest of the kids to join him and abandon their training. So as the concert day gets nearer, I get more worried that he'll be running up and down the stage or worse still, get stage fright.

Guess all my worries were unfounded.......

29th Nov (Sun) came and he made us very proud of him. Baby G performed better than expected. He remembered all his moves and totally looked at ease. It seemed like he didn't even realise that there was a crowd looking at him, neither did he attempt to look for us.
==> Baby G showing me one of the moves.
==> Grassroots Club @ Yio Chu Kang
One of the photos I bought, spent $10 for 4 shots
==> Singing the finale
==> End of performance.

The only thing that was not done nicely was his make-up. Imagine, green eye shadow?!? Next time, I'll be the one doing his make-up.. got commented that he looks so 'pretty'... sigh.

Feeling proud of Baby G


Anonymous said...

*applause* Well done Gabriel!
As for the make up. hot auntie can help too.... hehe

Anonymous said...

Please do... it really made him look so pretty a.k.a like girl.... ahahah Proud of you my little darling!!!! YeeYee loves you