Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 4 - KL (One Utama)

We decided to spend the entire Day 4 at One Utama, one of KL's larger shopping mall. Also, because Daddy has not been there.

As it was slightly drizzling, we had breakfast in the hotel. We had Roti Chenai, Teh Tarik & Nasi Lemak, courtesy of Daddy who went out in the rain to get us our breakfast.

==> Our breakfast

After the simple yet filling breakfast, off we went to One Utama. We took a taxi there and the trip cost us around RM22. Daddy commented that he didn't realise it was that far away; even Baby G fell fast asleep on the way there.

1st stop was Jusco, as we wanted to get Baby G a pair of sandals, but as he was still sleeping, we just walked around first. When he woke up, he said he was very cold; come to think of it, it was really cold. I guess it's because there weren't that many people around on a Thursday morning.

==> See how bundled up while trying his sandals.

We managed to get his sandals & off we went to do more shopping. More shopping for Mummy actually.

After all the walking, we stopped by this Italian restaurant for our lunch. What a good choice. The food was presented so beautifully & not only that, it tasted simply delicious & the price is, oh so, reasonable. The entire lunch costs less than $20 per person.

Clockwise => Clam soup, Brushetta, Fetuccine With Sausage, Chicken, Baby G enjoying his kid's meal, Mummy just enjoying herself.
After lunch, more shopping & walking. Baby G simply loved the place cause there were so many chances for him to sit on those mini-rides as there weren't that many children there.

After spending almost the entire day at One Utama, we decided to take a cab down to KLCC. Bad move, no taxi driver wanted to pick us up from One Utama to KLCC via meter. They all quoted a flat rate of RM50, citing traffic jam as the reason for not picking us up. Daylight robbery, I say, we're decided not to give way & held on to our resolve of not giving way to these errant cabbies. In the end, we stayed back another half hour and had coffee at Starbucks. We managed to find a taxi booking counter that quoted us RM30 to KLCC. At least they were much more reasonable.

After all that haggling, we reached KLCC & had our dinner at DOME.

Can't imagine it's the last day tomorrow...


Hot Mama said...

Wooo... so many good food!! Did u manage to shed it off by shopping a lot? :p

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... I did not shed but at least I did not gain... so that's good news too... hahaha.
Baby G's Mummy