Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 3 - Genting & KL

Today is the last day at Genting. I think I'm going to miss the view from our hotel room the most. Among all the hotels we ever stayed in Malaysia, this is by far, the room with the best view.

We still had some leftover cash in the game card we bought on the 1st day and since we still had some time before our bus to KL, we decided to play like crazy. We purposely picked the games that had the highest chances of getting the most tickets. In the end, we managed to accumulate enough tickets to change for another set of prize. Not too bad for about 30mins of 'work'.
Soon it was time to check-out and go to the bus terminus for your journey to KL.

==> Goodbye Genting, Hello KL
During the bus ride down, Baby G started to get sleepy and soon he was fast asleep on my lap. Once we reached KL Sentral, we took a taxi to our hotel, Dorsett Regency. We did a quick check-in and off we went to do some shopping. The Xmas deco in Malaysia is really so much more nicer and elegant as compared back home.

I told Daddy that I was craving for dumplings and we found this place at Pavilion called 'Dragon-I' that serves dim sum. We ordered dumplings (of course), ramen and an interesting drink which is actually water chesnut with a tiny ginseng root. Doesn't look that great but boy, it was really refreshing and nice, not too sweet at all.

We rested for a while longer after our meal and then off to some more shopping.

After all the shopping, it was time for makan again. We planned to go down to Chinatown for the famous black noodles. Everytime we are in KL, we must come to Chinatown for this. Actually, it's not that great already, but I guess it's kinda like tradition to us. This time, instead of taking the taxi, we decided to take train. We took 3 different types of trains. I can tell you, Baby G was so happy. Although we was pretty disappointed that each ride was no more than 2 stations.

And finally, after the very tiring train rides, we reached our destination. I think the colour of the noodles put him off and he didn't want to eat it at all. So we order fried rice and he also didn't really finish it. In the end, his dinner was his packet of 'SMoo' milk that we brought along.

happy shopping

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