Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa

It is grandpa's birthday today. Since he just had his major surgery done, we decided to keep it simple and celebrate it at home. Plan was to have steamboat for dinner since it's more healthy. Baby G and myself went over slightly around noon as Baby G was busy making Grandpa's card and was watching cartoons the whole morning.

We went to White Sands Fairprice to get the groceries and had lunch at the Xin Wang Cafe. Grandpa decided on Chicken Chop (his only indulgence for the day), Mama had Pork Chop, YeeYee had her instant noodles & Baby G had his cheese baked rice. I shared with Baby G and had my Iced Ying Yang.

Our steamboat dinner was a simple affair. No fancy foods like prawns or crabs (after all, Grandpa is still recovering). We had minced pork, beancurd, straw mushrooms, etc.
After dinner, cake-cutting time.... and photo-taking time.
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I wasn't too sure how it came to be... but I happened to walk out to the kitchen and saw Grandpa & Baby G putting up the card onto the fridge. Then I heard Baby G say "Grandpa, when you are sad, you come to the kitchen and read my card". I think Grandpa was very touched to hear him say that.

Note : Daddy wasn't around as he had some migration happening over the weekend.

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