Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby G's N2 Concert

Baby G had his year-end concert on 20th Nov, Sat. The days leading to the concert, I found out from Baby G that they would be performing 'Top Of The World'. Soon Baby G started commenting about his 'coconuts' keep falling off. I was trying to figure out what is the connection between coconuts & the song, 'Top of the World'.

As the days go by, he started to tell me something about a Philippine folk dance. Then he started to sound like he was rehearsing for some speech. Then it dawned on me that he could be the announcer to start the N2 song & dance routine. But then, I still had doubts and told my family that most likely he's the reserve for Eugene who did it last year with Alexis.

Only on the day itself, I realised that he really IS the announcer, together with Faustine. I started to get nervous and wondered if he'll just freeze on stage upon seeing so many people.

These are the photos that were taken during an earlier full dress rehearsal and this is the photo that finally clued me in that he was the announcer.

His item was the 8th on the list so it was a long wait for me and the tension is building. Just before his item started, I actually spotted him peeking out of the curtains to take a look at the audience. He looked really cheeky and it kinda made me feel less nervous (He asked me later if I saw him peeking out & I said 'yes'.)

Faustine did a slightly better job than Baby G. Her voice was clear and she started well. I suspect Baby G forgot his first line which was supposed to be spoken together. But luckily, he remembered the remainder of the script. Overall, not too bad and thank goodness he did not freeze up. But during the dance, he actually 'lost' his partner and was the only boy wandering around the stage looking for his partner to sit down together. That was hilarious. I asked him after the show and he told me he couldn't find Sherri as it was so messy. Haha.
The finale was 'Top Of The World' which Baby G remembered most of the moves although the starting was a little slow.

Finally the concert was officially over. The children were given a bento-looking set which had 1 muffin, small-cut sandwiches & nuggets and a green tea packet drink. Then the parents went on stage to pick the kids up. This year, there were no refreshments as compared to last year. I guess cause the refreshments last year so pretty measly & lots of parents had to rush to get the food.
We also managed to get Baby G's English teacher to take some photos.
We brought him outside of the concert hall so that he could eat his food as he said he was very hungry. He gobbled up all the nuggets.
What a day... it is finally over. Good job, Baby G.


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Hot Mama said...

Well Done Baby G! U do your parents proud!