Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sentosa & Universal Studios

We were supposed to have a trip to Sentosa and visit the Universal Studios since last week. But I was down with a cough & Daddy had to work at the very last minute, so we delayed it til this week. After Baby G's classes & lunch at home, we set off for Sentosa.
It started out sunny, but the moment we exited from KPE, the rains came down hard. We were still contemplating if we should just abandon our plans but Daddy decided to take the risk. We continued on and parked at Beach Station. As it was raining and we can't do much, we decided to have some drinks and wait for the rain to stop.
We got our lucky break and soon the rain stopped to almost just a trickle. We finished our hot chocolate & cake and started on our journey.
-> waiting for our bus
Our frst stop was the bird enclosures where we got up close and personal with a cross-breed macaw. The macaw was really loud and Baby G was really scared. He didn't dare to go near and Daddy had to carry him, even so, he still was very cautious.
<- The closest that Baby G dared to venture
As the next show was another half hour, we took a walk along Palawan Beach and walked the shaky suspension bridge to reach the southern most point of Continental Asia.
The Bird show started and I believe Baby G enjoyed himself so much. I enjoyed the show too and forgotten to take photos of the show. Haha. At the end, they allowed us to get up close to Lucy, the python. I think Baby G was really brave, he asked me if the snake would bite and I told no. Then he slowly put his hand on the snake and rubbed it gently.
After the show, we asked Baby G if he wanted to go to the beach and play. He didn't want to at first, but then he saw so many kids playing around the water features, he relented. In the end, I believe he enjoyed himself so much that he didn't want to leave.
Soon, it was dinner time. We decided to go to Universal Studios as one of my friends told me that it's only $2 per entry after 7pm & you could use the $2 to offset on your dinner. To our surprise, it's $5 per entry and there was only a 20% discount on 2 of the restaurants. Oh well, since we're already here, we might as well go in. As it was almost 8pm, we decided to go for dinner first. Dinner was at Mel's Drive-In which basically was kinda like Billy Bombers concept with it's jukebox & vinyl records & sixties music. It was really crowded and we ended up sharing seats with another couple.
After our tummys were satisfied, we proceeded to walk along the streets of Universal Studio sans the cartoon characters. Daddy's comment "Very small".

We stayed til 10pm for the Pyrotechnics show. Baby G was really scared of the loud noises and kept blaming me for scaring him. He said to me, "I told you I did not want to watch the fireworks, but you didn't listen". He kept repeating this to me while we walked back to the train station. He only stopped when we got to the trains.
<- Some of the stuff I bought.
What a wonderful (though tiring) day.
"I like to move it, move it" - Song from Madagascar

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