Friday, May 8, 2009


Today Baby G's childcare centre closed for their Annual Teachers' Retreat, so we both took leave to spend some quality time together. We decided to go down to Fidgets after seeing Hot Mama's blog & how much the little princess enjoyed herself.

We reached Turf City at about 11am. From the pictures, it seemed like quite a huge place, but being there made me realise it was actually quite small. We started with the less adventurous : "The Ball Area". We left him on his own and sat outside of the play area where he could still see us. After a while, we persuaded him to try out the other areas that Fidgets had to offer. Both Daddy & me took turns to follow him up and down the different obstacles. We definitely had a good workout!

Of course, Baby G's most favourite place was the play area where they had the Little Tikes toy cars. He spent the most time there. Even when it was past lunch time & we were feeling hungry, he simply refused to leave.
Mummy : It's lunch time, let's go.
Baby G : NO..NO... I want to drive car.
Mummy : Let's go, mummy & daddy are hungry.
Baby G : You go there & eat (pointed to the restaurant @ Fidgets).
Mummy : No... the food is expensive. Let's go find some food downstairs.
Baby G (looking disappointed) : ok, we go down, eat 1st & then come back here, ok?
Mummy : Let's see.... but we go eat first, ok?

Finally, Baby G went left the place with us. We went down to SOL Playground Cafe where we had a voucher for a kids meal. The place is also pretty child-friendly. They had a little play area for kids while the parents eat.

<-- Play area -->
After our lunch, we went to IMM (Baby G had a short nap in the car). We visited Daiso where I bought a Magic Gel Number 'sticker' for Baby G. Initially wanted to stick them on the windows, but Daddy cautioned that it might entice him to climb up the windows, so we'll probably put them somewhere in the bathroom so that Baby G can enjoy them whilst having his bath.

==> Looks kinda like sweets though.....

As we were near GuGu's work place, we asked GuGu to join us. We had dinner @ Cafe Cartel. Baby G enjoyed the bread & spread the butter on all his own. The coffee was not too bad, but the cake was a bit hard.
All in all, it was a most exhausting yet happy & eventful day. My 2 boys are now fast asleep... and I am now going to bed too.... good nite.
What a Wonderful Day!


Hot Mama said...

So did U go thru the rollin pins??

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... nope. Baby G said it couldn't be done. And I din wan to end up stuck between them.... whahahaha....
Baby G's Mummy

Jacky said...

can be done, if i can go through you definately can!

wah fidgets still consider small?!

Anonymous said...

Yar... pretty small... only a few 'stations' only.
Baby G's Mummy