Sunday, May 10, 2009

English Scones

It's been a while since I last baked anything.. so today I decided to bake scones. The receipe that I had makes 20 scones, so I halved the ingredients since it's my first attempt. In the end, I think cause my make-shift cutter was too small, I ended up with at least 30 over small-sized scones.

I had more than enough to share with my family & my in-laws. Hope they like it.

Simple Ingredients of : Flour/baking powder/eggs/milk/sugar/butter

After kneading the dough & using the shot glass as a makeshift cutter to get the shapes

<-My scones & baking
The final product -->
Scones for breakfast


Jacky said...

must be yummy! can share your recipe? :)

Anonymous said...

of coz... let me send it to u at ur personal email address.

Musical Notes said...

I came across ur blog thru' the link in WK's blog - 'Chappallang'. Thought I will find some interesting scones recipe, didn't know it is your blog! Hee!

Got time do drop by my blog at:

Your SP course-mate cum colleague - think you should be able to guess who I am! : )

Anonymous said...

You are not suppose to knead the dough as it will causes it not to raise up nicely. I used to be one of the best Raise N Shine Biscuit maker when I was working in Hardee's more than 20 years ago! haha


Anonymous said...

TY : The receipe calls for kneading.. it's supposed to be scones leh... use rubbing-in method to make... u make biscuits... that's different... whahahaha

Musical Notes :- Welcome. Thanks for leaving a note for me.

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