Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Visit to the Istana Grounds

1st May was a public holiday.  Daddy decided to take this oppotunity to visit the Istana grounds.  So we put on our walking shoes and off we went.

Thank goodness for the really fine weather.  It had been so blazing hot the past few days and the sudden onset of heavy rain, we were rather worried our plans would be washed away.  We reached the entrance about 10am.  Had to go through the usual security checks and had to queue a bit.  Entrance is free for residents but there is a $1 fee for the tourists.

It was a lovely stroll along the road, amid the lush greenery and wide open spaces.  The grounds are very well maintained.  Baby G had so much space to run around and to burn up some excess energy.

As we reached nearer to the Istana itself, there were some little side shows for the visitors.  They had the people from the zoo and bird park to create a little awareness of the fauna around us.  Today's topic focused on frogs.  Baby G was so interested in it.  He first tried out the giant jigsaw puzzle and then the lady, Natalie, showed him which were the frogs that made loud noises whenever it rains.  He listened intently and kept asking her about bullfrogs.  I think it's because I thought those frogs that made all those noises were bullfrogs.  Haha.  After the lessons, I now know that they are the Black-eyed Leaf Frog.

As we ventured further onto the Isata grounds, more flora greeted us.  Really nice.  But once we saw the kids play area that they set up, BAby G was more interested in the playground rather than the walk already.

After the most refreshing and invigorating walk, ur tummy beckons us.  We walked over to Plaza Singapura and wanted to have Nandos, but Baby G kept requesting for Swensens.  So we acceeded since he walked with us for almost 2hrs.

And a parting shot from the Istana..... see you again soon..... hmmm... maybe not that soon.... haha....

Feeling invigorated

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