Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Alan, Alex & Chloe

On Saturday, PH & VT invited us over to their place for a gathering-cum-birthday celebration for the 3 July babies. It was a pot luck arrangement & there were lots & lots of yummy food.

Some of the contributions (sorry if I missed anyone/anything out) :-
(1) AY / H => wine / cheese / pie kia
(2) BT / AK => Old Chang Kee
(3) DY / SL => Cake
(4) ET => Pizza
(5) ES / YP => Tidbits
(6) BL / PT => mashed potatoes / salad
(7) VT / PH => cod fish, prawns, chicken, siew mai
(8) AT / SL => homemade barley / chrysantemum drinks

The children enjoyed themselves very much, they were running up and down the place, playing hide-and-seek. It wasn't even necessary to provide toys for them. Initially PH was worried that her place is not child-friendly (i.e. no toys), but in the end, I think the children enjoyed it even more given the amount of space that they were allowed to run freely. If all else fails, there's always the i-Phone to keep them busy. Gwyn even asked PH if she could borrow her i-Phone to play. Such is the lure of the i-Phone.
Soon, it was cake-cutting time... the children were the most excited. All wanted to be the one to blow the candles.
It's very rare for us to actually be able to have a group photo. This is one of the rare yet precious photos.
Thanks to VT & PH for their wonderful hospitality.
Still flushed from the wine... heehee

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