Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby G's 4th Birthday Party

Last Saturday was Baby G's 4th birthday. We had wanted to bring him out for some 'kai kai' and to buy his adidas shoes... but sad to say, he was hit by the flu bug, so in the end, we only went to Compasspoint to look for his shoes. No Adidas, so in the end, he chose a 'Bubblegummer' pair. Lunch was at Ajisen. It was a simple meal as he was coughing a bit. He also ordered his favourite fried chicken.

==> our lunch @ Ajisen

After lunch, we went home to let Baby G rest since we had planned for a steamboat dinner. He didn't really manage to sleep well because of all the coughing.
==> Our steamboat dinner
Dinner was a steamboat affair, we bought lots of food. In the end, we had quite a fair bit left and it looks like our next few meals would be eating all the steamboat ingredients.
Cake was from Island Creamery so it's actually an ice-cream cake. It was yummy, thanks GuGu. Baby G was more interested in putting the candles onto the cake than the cake itself. I guess he's still too young to appreciate the lovely cake. He only knows his Thomas & Friends, Pixar Cars, etc.
Besides the pair of shoes that we bought, we also 'upgraded' his current bowl & cup to a Thomas & Friends set. He loves his cup very much; more than the bowl, in fact.
Happy Birthday, Baby G.


Hot Mama said...

Nice cake!!

susan said...

Wow Gabriel is 4 already? Big boy now :)