Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY Celebration @ Ben & Pat's

Today Ben & Pat invited us over to their new place to celebrate CNY. It was a family & friends get-together. We had vegetarian buffet, a first for us. But I must say, the food was delicious, especially the mock mutton rendang. I had 2 servings of it.

It was a rare chance for Baby G to have friends of his own age to play with. He certainly had a lot of fun, especially with Zac gor-gor. He even has a little competitive streak in him; whatever Zac gor-gor did, he didn't want to lose out and followed him. These are some of their little antics.

==> See how Baby G didn't want to lose out.. haha

After a while, the rest of the kids in the room started to follow the 2 boys.

==> Kate joining in

==> & little Gwyn
CNY always comes with a little gambling fun.. here are the 'players'...
And you know who the winner is.....
==> Alan smiling broadly. (see the red notes in front)

Thanks to Ben, Pat & the 3 missys for a wonderful time.

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Anonymous said...

Baby G so cute.... Peer pressure..

Hot mama