Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday YeeYee!

I know this post is super-duper late, but better late than never.

We celebrated YeeYee's birthday on 27th Dec. It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning, perfect for what we planned to do that day : Cycling.

We went over to pick Mama, Grandpa & YeeYee up and headed down to Jalan Tua Kong for breakfast. Then we drove down to ECP for our cycling trip. Initially Baby G was very fearful of being put in front of Daddy's bike. I guess it's because it felt really unsteady & had a feeling of falling. He resisted at first, but after a while, he started to tell his Daddy "Faster, faster" and wanted to race with us.

We rode for about an hour before taking a break at Macdonalds. Baby G was the designated person to look after our bikes. I must say, he was pretty serious in the task at hand. Good job, Baby G.

After our short break, we continued to cycle to The Playground (formerly Big Splash). We thought by then Baby G would be tired out but instead he kept asking Daddy to go faster so that he can race with us.

==> At The Playground
For lunch, we went to Parkway's The Caffe Bar. Not many people so it was pretty cosy. The set lunch came with free flow of Ciabatta bread which was delicious, especially after lightly toasting them.

After the lunch, we did some light shopping to work off all the good food we just had. Then we headed on home to get some rest before our dinner.
Dinner was at Riverview Hotel for their Chinese A-la-carte buffet. This time we were just too busy ordering to remember to take photos. Haha... so nothing to show. All I can say is that the food was not too bad and some of the dishes were pretty interesting.

Not to forget, the must-have item for all our birthdays is the traditional cake cutting & birthday song singing. With Baby G around, singing the traditional song became much more interesting with the 3 languages plus his own version of 'Happy Birthday to you'.


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