Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary

It's a special day today as it's our traditional wedding anniversary. I'm thankful that Daddy managed to get a day off his busy schedule to spend the entire day together.

Early morning, we sent Baby G to school. This time he cried and refused to go to school. He kept crying & saying "I want to go home and do my colouring". Even his favourite 王老师 couldn't persuade him to go in. He had to be pried out of my arms. We could still hear him crying in the toilet when we left.

We then went to AMK to have our breakfast, do our banking & look around for some household items that needed upgrading. We also dropped by Waterloo Street to buy some toys for Baby G which actually are his rewards for doing his colouring & his work.

For lunch, we went to the White Rose Cafe at York Hotel. I like it that it was almost empty and quiet. It's so rare to have a chance to dine where there isn't a 3-year old who keeps talking non-stop. It was simply so relaxing.

After the relaxing afternoon lunch, we went home for a short rest before picking Baby G up to go out for dinner.
When we went to his school to pick him up, 王老师 told us the reason why he cried so much in the morning. She said that when he calmed down, she asked him why he cried and didn't want to go to school. Baby G told her that Mummy & Daddy did not go to work & went "kai kai". Haha, so poor thing. He must have realised that Mummy & Daddy were not wearing their usual 'office wear' when we dropped him off in the morning. 王老师 commented that he's very observant.
Dinner was at Vivocity's Dian Xiao Er. We had a wonderful meal. Every dish tasted great, especially the duck cooked in special herbal sauce & the fried tou fu. Baby G also enjoyed his meal very much. He finished half a bowl of rice, while I had the other half. After our meal, we took a stroll outside as the weather was so cooling. We managed to catch the Superstar Virgo docked there and Baby G was simply amazed at the size of the ship, although he kept asking why the ship was 'on fire' due to the smoke emitting from the ship.

Happy Annivesary, my darling.


Hot Mama said...

Happy Sweet Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hot Mama

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay and next time hide inside the toilet and let the daddy sent him to school la :)