Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Reia

We were invited to Reia's 2nd birthday on Sat. Baby G was quite excited to be going to a birthday party. He kept asking me whose present I was wrapping and kept asking "is it for me?". Sorry to disappoint you, but it's for Reia 妹妹. Since it was an animal theme, I put him in a outfit that had an elephant on it.

When we reached there, Auntie Hot Mama gave Baby G a zebra hairband for him. Don't you think he looks so 'pretty'? Haha.

As usual, Hot Mama did a wonderful job of decorating the place. Kudos to Hot Mama. Baby G was initially very shy and didn't dare to be on his own. Soon he lost his shyness and began playing with the toys in Reia's room. We were able to leave him alone while we watched TV. Soon it was cake-cutting time, Baby G sang along with everyone, but he wasn't too keen on joining the photo taking on his own with the rest of the kids. Shy again, sigh.

To amuse himself, he took my camera and started taking random shots. Here's a collection of some of the photos he took. Not too bad.
Baby G's skills are improving.

Happy Birthday Reia!

hugs & kisses

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