Monday, August 10, 2009

Wedding / Class Reunion

Was on half day leave on Friday as we had a wedding to attend to. Had a wonderful afternoon nap (haven't had that for a verrrryy long time) and went to pick Baby G up earlier than usual. Cooked porridge for him for his dinner as I doubt he can wait til 8plus.

The wedding we attended was a friend from poly days, so we expected to see many familiar faces and it was a good time to catch up with long lost classmates.

Everyone looks just the same, clearly age has not caught up.

Baby G enjoyed the roast chicken.

The rest of the times, he was running around, playing with the kids & taking photos...

Collage of photos, courtesy of Baby G


Musical Notes said...

Wah... Sandra... I haven't kept in touch with any of them. Almost couldn't remember most of their names, though I still remember them. Time flies!

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely. As you can tell, most of them didn't really change much.
Baby G's Mummy

Anonymous said...

wow...its Ah Hock wedding. He email me about it but did not get back to me again. my angpow :P good life, take 1/2 day leave just to attend wedding!


Anonymous said...

TY : What to do, too rush since need to bring Baby G along. Dun worry, if ur wedding is in SGP.. I'll take the whole day leave just for you. Heh Heh