Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daddy's Party

Daddy's reaching the big 4-0 soon... so I decided to organize a small party with our friends whom we have known for almost 15years (time flies, huh guys?)

To give it a more party feel, I bought some simple deco for the house, just some balloons & a 'Happy Birthday' banner.

I decided on pizza & some side orders as it's the most convenient (most important, minimal cleaning up is required.. heh heh).
==> this is our dinner ==> Gor gor Zac Zac posing.....

I also tried my chocolate mousse on them. But I think that one needs more improvement. The consistency was kinda soft (think need to use less eggs).. taste-wise, it varied as some found it a tad too sweet and some felt it was ok. The cherries, however, were well-received & so was the red moscato wine from ES. (Thanks ES for the wine)
I must say I was quite surprised at Baby G's behaviour, I expected him to be shy around the kids, but after a while of warming up, he lost his shyness & started mixing around. He took out his Thomas The Train set and played together with gor gor Zac Zac. Soon, Kate mei mei also arrived and Baby G started taking out more of his toys to share. Although there were a few instances where Baby G turned a little selfish, but I think he has improved since the last time the kids played together.

Kate was really enthralled by the "house".. :)

Soon it was time for the traditional cake cutting & birthday song...



I love you, Daddy


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Alex :)

I was thinking of doing something next year too but it cannot be Pizza Hut take-out!

We should have know each other on technical date July'03


Anonymous said...

TY : On behalf of Alex, Thanks.
Sometimes it's not the food but the company.... heh heh...
It should be July93 and not July03, right?

Anonymous said...

oh...yes...should be '93 :) I am so sleeping this week. In a lock down for this week in SZ hotel for supplier meeting.

Totally agreed on the company rather than food.

I hope you guys can come and share the big day with me too :)


Anonymous said...

Not planning to come back to SGP to celebrate?